HHHoneys holds the full rights to all photographic and video content on this site. It is unlawful and breaches copyright laws to use our content without our consent.

HHHoneys offers streaming only memberships (similar to Netflix). Active subscribers have access to unlimited streaming.

HHHoneys only allows a maximum of 5 different IP address locations at one time when logged in. If a subscriber exceeds this, their account will be locked out and they would have to contact support for assistance. This deters password sharing.

HHHoneys does do not allow downloading of our content. Any member caught downloading our content and uploading to any tube, locker, torrent or other website without our explicit consent will be banned and will not receive refund.

HHHoneys will honor full refunds if members have not been able to login and view members only content. However, if after you have logged in and viewed content you will not be eligible for a refund thereafter.

HHHoneys has tiered membership offerings; brand new members will not be allowed to access the latest two scenes until they have been a member for at least 4 days. On the 5th day, they will be able to access the latest scenes. This helps deter fraudulent activity. Additionally, we reward loyalty to members who have been a subscriber consistently and/or collectively for 6 months with complimentary "Platinum" membership, which offers early access to full movie releases and Platinum only bonus content.

Revised 6/9/2016

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